Allison Seaman


Written by bianca nitta montiero

photo by brandon paillere

Allison Seaman is an artist whose latest works feature delicate and intricate color that dot luminescent shades. Her piece “Flibba Flubba” shows her intuitive knowledge of color and the application of improvised color schemes that bring her vivid subject matter to life.

Allison began her journey with art from childhood, focusing much of her effort there. In high school, she further solidified her interest in art, developing concrete pieces that would ultimately secure her involvement. In college, however, her creative process matured, thrusting much of her work into a careful practice of self-development, rather than creating for outside influence. This transformation was born alongside a change in career paths, transitioning from an interest in arts administration into psychology — specifically art therapy.

A sophomore at Baruch, Allison’s work can be found on her Instagram @allisonjunes as well as in the Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 editions of Encounters Magazine.