“Being” is Encounters Magazine’s third ever zine, opening up the uncomfortable conversations on mental health to our audience. The publication consists of interviews with experts and people who have experienced mental illnesses, as they provide an insight to their state of being. By sharing personal and professional knowledge as well as a diverse compilation of NYC-based references, this zine encourages our audience to reach out for help whenever they need it and informs those not suffering from mental illnesses on how to support those around them and be more sensitive.


Creative Direction by David Betancur
Design by Sarah Mishkin, Mitchell Kim, Samantha Salanga
Writing by Bianca Nitta V. Monteirro, David Betancur, Katherine Hernández, Kyrah Brown, Essence Wilson
Visuals by Rewan Abbas, Bianca Nitta V. Monteirro, Brielle Tumbarello, David Betancur