What is a whole but the sum of its parts? What is a nation but a home for its people? What is America but a land of and for immigrants?

E Pluribus Unum.

Out of Many, we are one.

There is no America without immigrants — “Pursuit” discusses the struggles immigrants face everyday despite being the cornerstone of America. Brought to you by Encounters Magazine, “Pursuit” is a collection of different dreams and aspirations of immigrants that serve as a microcosm demonstrating what exactly lies in the heart of America, reminding us all of the forgotten and broken American Dream.



Creative Direction by David Betancur
Design by Mitchell Kim, Samantha Salanga, Steven Sanchez
Writing by Rewan Abbas, David Betancur, Kenny Fremer, Katherine Hernández, Navish Javed, Ayse Kelse, Hannah Lee
Visuals by Rewan Abbas, David Betancur