Benjamin Wallin

Written by Kyrah Brown

Photo by Brandon Paillere

Benjamin Wallin is a writer, film critic, and the current editor of the Arts and Style section for The Ticker. He first discovered that fiction writing could be used as an outlet of personal enjoyment in his senior year of high school when he had to take AP English. Some of his favorite writers are Kurt Vonnegut, Daniel Handler, and Italio Calvino. His new outlook on writing sparked motivation and he entered Baruch College ready to purse a double major in English and Journalism.

Ben’s love of film and cinematic critique pushed him to create a film club his freshman year. Though the club did not draw the momentum that he had hoped, his interest in film and writing did not stop there. His determination in finding an outlet to express his interests brought him to The Ticker. There he began writing film reviews, which allowed him to gain more exposure to the film industry, a new culture, and a new-found perspective.

Ben worked his way up to become an editor where he now covers not just film reviews, but the wider scope of the arts world and beyond. One of his most memorable pieces was an investigative article on a Baruch professor whose tweet may have been seen in a negative light by students. Now, as the Arts & Style editor, his job is to encourage and push other writers to step out of their comfort zones and write what readers need to hear.

As a graduating senior, Ben plans to pursue greater opportunities and write professionally, making note that his days of writing for free are over. His challenge, as is of most writers, is to continue finding originality and new ways to portray different stories. Little by little, Ben is building up his writing profile to develop and be able to adapt to different writing scenarios in his career. Along with The Ticker, Ben has a blog called Auteurial Intent (, and periodically writes for Refract Magazine. Wherever his future writing endeavors take him, Ben knows that he always wants his writing pieces to convey meaning and entertainment for his readers.