Frequently Asked Questions

“How do I submit?”

We begin accepting submissions for our feature print magazine at the beginning of each semester. We accept these submissions on the basis of feature selection and on general selection. Submissions considered for features typically demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of aesthetics, composition, and technique. Submissions that do not meet the criteria for features still qualify for general submissions. Read more about our submissions process.

“How do you determine what gets accepted into the next magazine?”

Submissions for features, general art, and general writing undergo a rigorous approval process that is guarded by anonymity. Each team rates submission pieces according to pre-determined criteria.

“How can I get involved”

Encounters Magazine is always looking for new members in a variety of roles! The organization is made up of several departments — the editing department, the graphics department, the marketing department, and the creative department. Positions may be limited. Read more about getting involved.

“Where can I find a copy of the magazine?”

Copies of the latest edition of Encounters Magazine can be found in various locations on campus. Past editions, along with limited-print mini publications, may be available as .pdfs in our online archive as well.