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Jennifer Hernandez



Jennifer Hernandez is the founder of Granny Vintage Shop, an online shop where she sells a wide variety of expressive jewelry, designed herself. Here she sports her own “Mix & Match” earrings that bear bold lines depicting two non-identical golden faces in a Picasso-esque fashion.

Much like “Mix & Match,” several of Jenn’s pieces reflect loose and expressive lines, like “Aphrodite” and one of her first and most popular pieces “Sappho.” Inspired by her love of nudity and the Greek poet Sappho, the earring was designed with bold wires welded into a relaxed contour body, meant to resemble Sappho.

Starting just this spring, Jenn has already released several different designs of necklaces, earrings, and rings. Jenn’s main inspirations for creating jewelry are tied closely with her own desire to sport unique jewelry and to connect with her own image. Her newer pieces change pace with an increased use of imagery implemented through more dimensional forms such as gold-lined seashell pendants, mini scissor earrings, and adjustable rings that snugly “hug” the finger.

As a first-generation Mexican American woman, Jenn has found her heritage to be a double-edged sword. While she has found measurable success in her business, watching her base steadily grow, the concern of stability within the business took root in her family’s support. Professionally, Jenn also feels that she often must work harder than those around her to ensure that her voice is heard and that she’s taken seriously. She nonetheless finds motivation from this same drawback, pushing through any obstacles in her path, making sure that she leaves behind no regrets.

A student at Baruch, Jenn’s work can be found on her Instagram as well as on