Spring 2019 Edition

For its Spring 2019 edition of Encounters Magazine, the publication collaborated with additional designers, with clothing from Divinus, Helena Eisenhart, and Studio Villaco. and jewelry from Jarvis, to curate editorial photoshoots and interviews. Watch their passion take over as the Spring 2019 features delve into their creative process and explain the choices behind their work.

Hannah Lee

Hannah is a poet based in Queens, New York. Focused on exploiting the nuances of closed form, many of her poems display careful thought for diction and subject matter. By coherently combining the various worlds of science and mythology with form, Hannah succeeds in expressing her emotions and her natural curiosity of the world.

Emma Lavery

Emma is a poet based in New York whose work functions as a cathartic emotional tool. Framing her work as a conversation with herself, Emma starts with an idea or thought that she quickly jots down wherever she can.

Jasmin Lopez

Jasmin is a first generation Algerian-Uruguayan photographer based in New York. Her work is dreamy and focuses on both aesthetics and intentionality. As an arts administration student, she is primarily interested in surrounding herself with art and focusing her curatorial eye.