Victoria Merlino

Written by Maya Yegorova


Victoria Merlino is a writer whose works emphasize character and style over plot. She focuses on poetry, explaining that her poems are often letters because they convey things she wants to say to people that she can’t say to them in real life.

Victoria was an active reader as a child and wrote her first story, inspired by Eragon, in elementary school. Before college, her writing showed an attempt to focus the reader into her work’s imagery. Now, her writing focuses more closely around particular feelings or moments.

Victoria’s themes are personal, as her goal is to connect with people and to express her emotions in a positive way. She is the Managing Editor of The Ticker, and her journalism experience strongly influenced her writing to become more refined.

Going forward, her goal is to create a young adult novel. Victoria is pursuing a double major in English and journalism with a specialization in creative writing and works at Pippin Properties, a literary agency in Midtown.